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We have done our best to let you understand how the zapper works, what we have improved in our model and what are the key factors you should look at when choosing a zapper. We’ve done this in order to help you fight your diseases and save your time and money on buying “cheap zappers with 10 different frequencies” that could have no effect at all.

NO BOOK will give you as simple and detailed an explanation as it is given here. So please, read it carefully until the end and enjoy movies and illustrations together with the bright examples we provide.



What you need to know.

1. Zapper is an Electronic device which generates electronic impulses (frequency).
2. These impulses changes their intensity from 0 to 7 Volts (that’s called positive offset) and back to 0 volts 30000 times per second (that gives you a frequency of 30KHz)
3. These impulses are changing from 0 to 7 volts immediately – that’s why they called square form. And the immediate jump from 0 to 7 volts is called the front wave.

How does a zapper destroy viruses and parasites?

1) Square waves as the frequency. Resonance and harmonics.
2) Front wave -a part of a square wave frequency.
3) Success depends on power output


Lets look closer to each of this techniques:


1. Square waves as the frequency. Resonance and harmonics.
     In the first case whereby the square wave destroys parasites as a frequency, resonance takes place. Resonance can be explained using the example of a swing. If you keep pushing swings correctly (with correct frequency), they will go higher and higher until they turn over (360 degrees). For each different swing size you need a different frequency.
The same goes with parasites - if you apply a correct electric frequency (which differs for each parasite), they start to vibrate until they "explode”. (Well that’s how we can describe the resonance effect)
     Another good example of resonance using waves is breaking glass using the right sound waves frequency or controlling particles with wave frequencies (effect of frequency on the structure of particles). The videos illustrating both examples are available for viewing on the left side menu Videos (or use this link).
     So how can a simple 30KHz frequency destroy different types of parasites? The answer is – the more accurately a frequency is square-shaped, the more other frequencies it will produce (that’s called harmonics). Animation of the additive synthesis of a square wave with an increasing number of harmonics is given below

The effect  of harmonics of square wave. (Source : wikipedia.org)
The effect of harmonics of square wave. (Source : wikipedia.org)


     Harmonics are frequencies that are “born” from a square wave. This is the effect that is used in Zappers. As proven by Dr Hilda Clark, the most efficient frequency is around 30KHz. The exact square frequency is not important. As long as it is square, it will produce a range of different frequencies that will destroy the parasites with resonance!

2. Shock front wave effect:
     In the second case, whereby the parasites are affected by the front wave of sqare waves, another method is used. The more “suddenly” and “immediately” the front wave changes (from 0 to 7 volts, and backward) the more it affects parasites and viruses .
Here is another example demonstrating the front wave effect.

Front wave explanation . The "egg experiment"


"Egg experiment" Part 1.
     Take a fresh egg. Put it in a plastic food container (could be a box for sandwiches or any other box with closing cover). The one we used is the same size as a double sandwich size. Now start shaking it slowly from left to right. If you shake it accurately, giving a time for a box to stop and change direction, the egg will be just fine, rolling all over the box. Even if you move your hand quite fast, but start slowly and stop slowly – nothing will happen to the egg (as the acceleration rate is low). That’s what happens when you use non square waves that do not have the “immediate” front wave (they are called sinusoidal waves and are used only to cure with resonance) The effect of front wave is poor if the square wave is not accurate! (That’s what we found in different models and that’s what we improved in our model) .

"Egg experiment" Part 2.

     The action of front wave is similar to the second part of our “egg experiment” - use the fastest shaking speed you have used in the first part of the experiment, but now stop the box immediately. You will be incredibly lucky if your egg is still safe. Normally the egg will be smashed inside the box. And that’s exactly how the front wave destroys parasites. By the fast voltage jump from 0 to 7 volts, it generates a shock front wave which damages cells of parasites, however does not hurt human cells as they are insensitive to such voltage and frequency. (For our egg example human cells would be represented with a potato instead of an egg. You cannot do serious harm to a potato in an analogic "potato experiment")

     In this part, frequency is not as important again. It is the acceleration (fast voltage change) that does the trick with parasites.

3. Significance of Power

     And the last part you should know - to achieve a result there should be enough power to reach the parasites and “swing” or “smash” them. Most of zappers are standard – “done by description of Hilda Clark” in the best case. However the power of such standard device is often insufficient to work well. In addition, low power current changes while passing through your body, which may reduce the effect and quality of square waves. Our device is up to 10 times more powerful than any other we’ve seen on the market (we are not talking about clinical devices of huge sizes and cost).

IMPORTANT! - Another catch with many zappers on the market - wrist bands. iZap zapper the only manufacture who changes the standard band clips (buckles) to self made. This is done because normally wrist bands clips has 1-5MOhm resistance (Thats 2-10MOhm counting two bands ). This fact makes zapper just a plastic toy with a couple of wires which will NEVER give you any results. Here are the specification of the manufacture of the wrist bands - link to wikipedia wich describes them. iZap zapper has NO RESISTORS left in wrist bands or wires, which gives you maximum effect and maximum power (NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE - BLUE CLIPS WHERE CHANGED WITH YELLOW CLIPS). Plus it is remade in a way that you can still connect standard copper plates or probes with our clips.


4. To summarise...
     The most significant factor is the exact square form and accuracy of square wave generated. The success key is power output. To get a better results you should ALWAYS have a fresh powerful battery installed. The frequency that is used in Zapper is not important. So if you are thinking about buying one of the multiple frequencies zappers – just know that it doesn’t really matter. (However, as found by Dr. Hilda Clark, the optimal frequency is around 30KHz).



Testing the device (experiments)


     Now when you know the basics about HOW it works, we want to demonstrate to you how we tested the device in order to produce the most efficient zapper. We used the standard parasites provided to us by one of the institutes. These creatures do not live in humans, however they have similar characteristics to the ones which do. We compared the performance results of a standard zapper and our iZAP after two days of application twice a day for 3x7 minutes. (Another test examples could be found in VIDEOS section)

     5 different models of zappers have been tested where in fact 3 of them (ordered from USA) had no output at all. One standard zapper had well formed output, however the output was not powerful enough to affect parasites. So once again - make the right choice!


Testing results:


hulda clark zapper  parasites

The worms zapped with the standard zapper became less active than normally. Only one of them became inactive, the other two where able to move around the plastic plate (You can see the white marks they left all over the plate). After the experiment two of three worms were still alive and ready for reproduction.



The worms zapped with iZAP- became inactive after the first zap. One of them died after the first zap, the other two became inactive and have died after the 3rd zapping procedure applied.





     We are glad that you now know everything about zappers, their effects and working basics. We would like our device to be able to help you fight your diseases and improve your health. However it would not be fair to hide the facts that the effect may be different for different persons. It depends on many factors such as immune system, body electrical resistance, proper usage, and even your mood.

     We have developed the iZAP to be the most powerful device which should work for everybody. We supplied it with a detailed user manual and zapping timesheet to make it easier for you to see your results. And we are always here to help you - give you an advice or answer your questions. If you have any comments or information you want to share - please leave your feedback and we will try to share your knowledge and experience with thousands of other iZAP users.


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